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“I will be there again for the last game,” – Ms. Ireland

"I will be there again for the last game," - Miss Ireland

Ms. Ireland awarded Maksuda Akhter Prioty who is by born a Bangladeshi but currently living in Ireland, caught everyone’s attention during the match between Bangladesh and Ireland, on Friday. She was seen several times on the Television screen, cheering for Bangladesh Cricket Team.

Recently the beauty queen has talked to bdcrictime and shared her experience of watching her motherland playing against the country she is currently citizen of, live from the stand. She also talked about her dream about Bangladesh Cricket Team and some other cricketing stuffs-

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Question : You were seen many times in the TV screen, cheering for Bangladesh during the match between Bangladesh and Ireland. How was the feeling of watching the match from the stand?

Prioty : It was a huge of honor to be invited as guest of the Bangladesh cricket officials in the corporate hospitality area. It was amazing to be so close to the team area and hear all of the comments and encouragement from Bangladesh team to their field players . I could hear the ball hitting the bat , the efforts of the bowlers as they release the ball and the cheers of the Bangladesh supporters. The whole experience was electrifying.
And of course the weather stayed favorable to the game and no rain as was predicted , so it made it so much easier for our team to bring a victory at home against Irish Cricketers

Question : Did you meet the Bangladeshi players after the match?

Prioty : I did, with some of them.

Question : In your Facebook video you said, you were supporting Bangladesh because you were invited by the Bangladesh officials. But what if you were invited by the Ireland officials? Wouldn’t you support Bangladesh then?

Prioty : Bangladesh is my country of birth . Cricket and the support of my National Team is in my blood. So It doesn’t matter if it is an invitation from the Irish team to watch the game my passion is with the team of my ancestry the Tigers ! There was a mix of supporters in the VIP area on Friday and there was great fun and sportsmanship there between us in and the corporate tent .

Question : Who is your favorite cricketer in Bangladesh Cricket Team?

Prioty : All team players are my favorite.

Question : Do you regularly follow cricket?

Prioty : Being from Bangladesh it is inbreed that cricket is a sport that’s in my blood. I regularly keep up to date.

Question : Any memorable experience about cricket which you still remember?

Prioty : I think the experience of this week’s cricket and the huge honor of being invited by the team to not only be a supporter and a spectator in the hospitality area but also to mingle with some of the players afterwards, it is like a child dream come true.

Question : Bangladesh still have one match left in the tri-nation series. Will you go to the stadium to watch the next of Bangladesh against New Zealand?

Prioty : It’s not that often I get to privilege of my country playing in Tri-nation in Ireland, I would be at every single game that the Bangladesh team playing in Ireland. Because its such an honor to see them play. So Yes, I will be there again as an invited guest for the last game on Wednesday.

Question : Do you have any dream about Bangladesh Cricket Team?

Prioty : To win the World cup trophy would be fantastic and deserving for the team and for Bangladesh.

Question : What do you expect from the Tigers in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy?

Prioty : Looking at the form of the team against Ireland, although Ireland would not be the strongest of component . Bangladesh is the great shape to contend for trophy, next Wednesday will be a good test and I look forward to another victory for our team.

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