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ICC ACU to upgrade resource to tap down cricketers’ WhatsApp messaging

ICC ACU to upgrade resource to tap down cricketers' WhatsApp messaging The ICC’s Chief of Anti – Corruption Unit (ACU) Sir Ronnie Flanagan rendered that now a days there are many ways to corrupt the players other than directly influencing the result of the game.

On pointing out the forthcoming notable ICC event, ICC Champions Trophy, Sir Flanagan said they cannot be complacent after recent corruption issues came to light in the Pakistan Super League.

“The attempt to draw players in, try and convince them, look you can do something that won’t in any way affect the outcome of the game and its easy money. All these are tactics that they use to try and draw players in, and then perhaps having drawn one in, use that player as some sort of channel to pollute the atmosphere with some other players” – ACU Chief said.

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Flanagan said that they are trying to upgrade ICC’s resources to tap the modern ways of communication like WhatsApp messaging service through which suspected persons try to contact with cricketers.

“We are moving very quickly to a change in our code of conduct, whereby at present we in cricket have the ability to demand from players their billing records. We are moving to a point, even though legally, where players sign up to assist in our investigations” – he said.

“So legally at present, we have the ability to require their communication devices for us to download only in relation to any suspicious communications there may have been without in any way intruding in their privacy” – Sir Flanagan said.

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