Middle stump gone with bails uncut: Aussie batsman got out mysteriously

Middle stump gone with bails uncut: Aussie batsman got out mysteriously Howz That! Did any bowler shout to acclimatize umpire’s decision when his delivery uprooted the middle stump of a batsman! Well, that just happened for Moonee Valley batsman Jatinder Singh whose middle stump was blown away but the bells, somehow, remained there in place in a cricket match against Strathmore Heights in Mid Year Cricket Association tournament. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ উড়ে গেছে মিডল ষ্ট্যাম্প, নড়েনি বেল!]

After much brain storm over the incidence, Jatinder Singh was given out by the in – field umpire.

How the bells continued not to be displaced on top of the two undisturbed stumps even after the middle stump was completely stranded, remains a mystery but as per findings lately, the decisions given by the in – field umpires was correct.

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A puzzled Moonee Valley captain Michael Ozbun, while depicting the bizarre incident said, “There was a little bit of debate and the umpires were bit confused as well. Nobody had seen anything like that before. I was on the boundary, I saw the stumps fly and thought all right, he got bowled, it was a silly shot.”

“Then everybody was standing around the wickets and I didn’t know why. I went out there, saw what was going on and it was very confusing” – he said.

“We had no idea what was the actual ruling on it was, but we all admired it for a few minutes. You probably couldn’t do that again if you tried” – perplexed Ozbun said.

However, Law 28 of the rules of cricket states, “The wicket is put down if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps, or a stump is struck out of the ground.”