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“I play well when there are challenges” says Shakib Al Hasan

The number one ranked allrounder Shakib Al Hasan who is considered as one of the best allrounder of all time, recently in an interview with popular cricket website cricbuzz, has told that he likes play in pressure situations more than easy situations.

It is said that there are actually no allrounder in world cricket rather there are batsmen who bowl or there are bowlers who bat. Because all allrounder look upon themselves as primarily one skill.

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But in Shakib Al Hasan’s case, it is completely different as he considers himself equally good at both batting and bowling. Even performing well in one department boosts his confidence to do well in the other department.

“Fifty fifty, That’s how I feel about myself. One inspires me for another. Because if I do well in my batting that gives the confidence to bowl well and if I do well in bowling that gives me to do well in batting. So I can not rely on one. Because that is in my nature. I want to contribute for the team and the only way to contribute perfectly for the team is doing well in all three departments,” Shakib told cricbuzz.

The 30-year-old cricketer also admitted at the same time that sometimes it becomes harder for him to perform well but still he likes to take those challenges.

“Sometimes body does not permit that much. Specially the last series when we were playing in Sri Lanka and the weather was so hot. I bowled like 35-40 overs and while batting we were 40 or 50 for 3 or 4 down. So I had to go and bat. It was not easy but at the same time I like those challenges,” Shakib said.

He further added, “I think, I play well when there are challenges and I like to play on those challenging situations rather than in a comparatively less challenging situations.”

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