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‘The Cricketers’ to protect intellectual property of Aussie cricketers

'The Cricketers' to protect intellectual property of Aussie cricketers Over the bitter issue of slicing back of revenue sharing, Australian cricketers have revealed their plan to take back their ‘own image rights’. The idea has been come to light on Wednesday when Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) has unveiled the business plan to help both male and female cricketers to negotiate their own sponsorship rights.

Establishing ‘The Cricketers’ brand, designed to manage and commercialize cricketers’ intellectual property, ACA Chief Executive Alastair Nicholson said, “When players are threatened with unemployment and when they learn they receive zero percent of the digital revenue they generate, they are naturally concerned.”

“The Cricketers’ brand has been established to better manage these concerns and all those affected parties” – he added.

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“Across all categories, whether in – game access by broadcasters, sponsors, licensed products, appearances or merchandising, the players have been pivotal to the growth in the revenue in Australian cricket; both on and off the field” – Alistair Nicholson said.

The prospect of the cricketers is to be launched from July 1, 2017 which would see all media, advertising and promotional deals controlled by the ACA instead of CA as it was earlier occurred.

“This is about securing a fair share for the men and women who play the game by taking greater control of their own intellectual property. The ACA has identified that the players themselves deserve to help share in, and grow this further” – ACA CEO said.

A fire started breaking between Aussie cricketers and Cricket Australia when CA took the decision of scraping a 20 year old revenue sharing system with cricketers.

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