Kohli has failed against me, says Junaid

Junaid Khan has an impressive ODI record against the Indian captain

Pakistani left arm fast bowler Junaid Khan has claimed that he can outdo Virat Kohli in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy.As he has dismissed Virat Kohli thrice in their previous four meetings and has conceded only 2 runs in the 22 balls that he has bowled at the righthander. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ আবারো কোহলির উইকেট নেয়ার ব্যাপারে আত্মবিশ্বাসী জুনাইদ]

In an interview to The Express Tribune, Junaid said Kohli is a great batsman but has failed against his pace in the past. “I have dismissed him in three out of the four matches we have faced each other. He is a brilliant batsman but he has failed against me,” Junaid was quoted as saying by The Express Tribune.

Junaid feels that his record against Virat Kohli will give him a psychological advantage .Even though it has been four years since they have last encountered.

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“When I face him, I will consider him the same Kohli. I may be wrong but I think he will also think of me as the same Junaid that has taken his wicket before, which might make him go on the defensive a bit more and therefore lose his wicket,” said Khan.

The India-Pakistan clash always brings forward these mind games. Where Virat Kohli has tried to water down the match by saying it’s like any other match, the Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Khan has expressed his desire to maintain their superior record against India in the Champions Trophy. And now with Junaid Khan’s bold statement it will interesting to see whether he can actually back up his talks in the 4 June match or if he ends up eating his own words.


– Ashfaq Niloy, Correspondent, bdcrictime.com