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‘Cricket should win after Pakistan-India match’

Cricket should win after Pakistan-India match," says Shoaib Akhter

Former Pakistan speed star Shoaib Akhtar believes the upcoming Champions Trophy clash between his home side Pakistan and neighbor country India represents victory for cricket, no matter what the match result is.

“The love I receive from the Indian fans is immense. And likewise, Pakistanis love great players like Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. It won’t be Pakistan or India’s defeat in the match; it will be the victory of sub-continent’s cricket,” he said while talking to an Indian channel.

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The controversial former cricketer also claimed that people of Pakistan always want cricket match with India.

“Pakistanis always want to play cricket with India. Tell me when were there no tensions between Pakistan and India in the last 70 years? Cricket series still took place during those tensions,” Shoaib said.

World’s fastest-ever bowler further added, “Trade is still happening between both countries. People are travelling to and from both countries. The relation of respect and love will always stay between the people and cricketers of both countries.”

While talking about the strategy India would be applying during encounter on Sunday, Shoaib said the defending champions would be thinking about their bowling combination as they already have a strong batting line-up.

“We have to see what combination India plays against Pakistan, whether they will play three pacers, two spinners. We will have to see if they play five bowlers or four bowlers and an all-rounder,” he concluded.

– Nazmus Sajid Chowdhury, Contributor,

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