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Fugitive Pakistani born Aussie cricketer Fawad’s story now part of Australian curriculum

Fugitive Pakistani born Aussie cricketer Fawad's story is now part of Australian curriculumCricketer Fawad Ahmed – who had to flee from Pakistan after being threatened by a group of Talibans because he tried to teach girls in Pakistan how to play cricket, is now a part of children curriculum of Modern Australian History.

In 2010, Fawad Ahmed sought political asylum in Australia and being granted. Two years after that, in 2013, Fawad had been selected for the Australia’s national one day team.

35 year old Fawad said he is proud that he has been selected as a case study to make children of Australia to understand the tug of war of modern immigration.

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“I’ve been to a few schools and I enjoy the Q and A sessions. The children said what’s on their mind and they ask some very honest questions. I try to explain to them about my background and my lifestyle, I think it’s a very positive development for children to learn about real issues” – Fawad Ahmed said.

The lessons are due to a Cricket Australia initiative called ‘Cricket Smart’ unveiled in 2015 during ICC World Cup staged in Australia and New Zealand.

Cricket Australia Content and Training Specialist Wayne Schultz believes cricket holistically connects with education that Cricket Smart units are quite engaging and powerful for learning lessons to children.

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