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ICC to organize next WT20 in 2020 instead of 2018

ICC World T20 2018 is likely to be postponed by the ICC.

According to the sources from the International Cricket Council(ICC), ICC World T20 most likely won’t take place in 2018. Instead the next edition of this tournament might take place in 2020. [বাংলায় প্রুনঃ পেছাচ্ছে আইসিসি টি-২০ বিশ্বকাপ]

The tournament has always been an biennial event, taking place after every 2 years. But the next edition is most likely to be held after a 4 year gap. The main reason behind this decision is teams being too busy with bilateral commitments all around the world and hence a window couldn’t be found in order to stage the event.

An influential source from the ICC has said,“Yes, it is true that we are skipping with World T20 edition in 2018. Look, no venue was decided. The primary reason is there are too many bilateral series happening between member nations. It was not possible to schedule the tournament in 2018.Yes, the tournament will return in 2020. It could be South Africa or Australia.”

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It was said that another reason for this is too many ICC events happening in a short period of time. The teams also want the tournaments to take place with some gap.

“The other reason apart from the bilateral series was that with too many ICC events on the anvil, the member nations were also of the view that it needed to be spaced out,” said the ICC official.

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