Mashrafe not thinking about 2015 memories

Bangladesh’s one of best cricketing memories is the win against England in the 2015 World Cup in group stage match at Adelaide which helped them qualify for quarterfinals for the first time. With Bangladesh taking on England again in the opening game of Champions Trophy at The Oval, Tigers skipper is not thinking about 2015 anymore.

“You are asking about 2015. It was a long time back and England are a completely different team now,” he replied when asked about 2015 victory.

Since that defeat, England have played the game with complete dominance. Bangladesh have improved a lot too but Mashrafe thinks it will be challenging to win away from home. He hopes the players play their best.

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“They win almost everything and they are a very strong team at home. At the same time we have improved a lot since that game. But to win away from home is always challenging. This is the first time we are playing the tournament as a deserving team and the boys are excited and I hope they will give their best,” he said.

[আরো দেখুনঃ তামিমের ক্যাচ ইস্যুর আসল চিত্র]

Mashrafe is one of Bangladesh’s five players in the current squad to experience more than 100 ODIs. There are also few young dynamos in the squad. He believes this combination will help them to do well in the Champions Trophy.

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“We have four to five players who have been playing together for the last 10 to 12 years. We also have got some exciting young players like Sabbir [Rahman], Mustafizur [Rahman], Mehedi [Hasan] and Taskin [Ahmed]. The combination is very good. And if they can perform to their potential we have a very good chance to do well in this tournament,” he added.

-Ruffin, Correspondent,