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Sarfraz receives heroic welcome in Karachi

Sarfraz receives heroic welcome in Karachi

Coming out as a surprise title winners of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Pakistan’s victory seemed to be glorified as it was against arch-rivals India. Hundreds and thousands of cheering fans welcomed the new champion team’s skipper Sarfraz Ahmed, who, early on Tuesday reached Karachi from England with the trophy.

The Karachi airport was packed with men, women and children honoring the winning captain a heroic welcome. ‘Long live Sarfraz!’ crowd chanted loudly with police band playing patriotic songs.

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“We won thanks to Allah and the prayers of the whole nation” – said Sarfraz. Senior government officials also made their presence to greet the captain before a strong police escort took him to his residence in Karachi.

Sarfraz was given a traditional skull cap and an ‘ajrak’ shawl, which is usually presented as a mark of honor.

Around the residence of Sarfraz Ahmed in Karachi, people climbed rooftops and trees to witness their hero back home. The house of the Pakistani captain has been adorned with colorful lights and flags of Pakistan.

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