Shoaib Akhtar confident of Pakistan’s win over India

Shoaib Akhtar picks Pakistan as the winner in the upcoming fixture against India.

India and Pakistan are to begin their ICC Champions Trophy campaign by taking on each other in a high voltage clash which will take place tomorrow at Edgbaston. Most of the experts are picking India as the probable victor in this bout. But former Pakistani speed star Shoaib Akhtar thinks that it will be the new look Pakistan side,who will emerge victorious against the arch rivals India.

“I will give a 60 percent margin to Pakistan and it’s because the team is in a good nick and they will definitely be playing to outclass India,” he said whilst speaking in an interview to a Pakistani t.v channel.

The man holding the record for the fastest ball bowled in cricket history says that Pakistan has got the ideal bowling lineup, packed with proper spinners who are sure to do the job against the Virat Kohli-led Indian team.

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The 41 year old added that Pakistan would do well if they did not go into a defensive state of mind. He urged the team to go out there and rotate the strike consistently and to play without pressure like it is a normal match.

However, it’s safe to say that it is going to be a stern test for Pakistan’s newly appointed skipper, Sarfraz Ahmed and his side. He will have to put his best foot forward to match up with the very strong and seasoned campaigners in the Indian team.

When asked about his favorite India-Pakistan moment, the Rawalpindi Express gave a rather optimistic answer,

“My favorite Pakistan-India moment is yet to come. It’s gonna be on June 4, when Pakistan will defeat India in the Champions Trophy.”

Ashfaq Niloy,Correspondent,