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Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers under curse of a journalist!

Reason behind Kohli and De Villiers' duck
Reason behind Kohli and De Villiers’ duck

In cricket most of the batsman often had to face some matches in which they fail to score any runs despite being in greatest of form. The term going out without a run is called as duck. Last week, in ICC Champion trophy fans show to heavy weight batsman going out for duck. But it is now discovered that these were not usual ducks as they were under curse.

A Pakistani lady journalist Zainab Abbas has become the talk of the social networking media recently as she is being blamed by the fans of Indian captain Virat Kohli and South African captain Ab de Villiers for becoming their curse after clicking selfies with Zainab.

The Pakistani Sports news presenter Zainab Abbas uploaded two selfies with the two star cricketers and uploaded them in her account in the social networking site. Coincidentally both the cricketers went out in their very next match without scoring any run.

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The fans though are not reacting in anything serious instead they are blaming the news presenter of Pakistani channel ‘Dunya News’ in the spirit of fun after she shared the selfies in her twitter account.

Zainab Abbas’s selfie turned viral in social media in no time. Some fans at the moment are warning her to not to click selfie with their favorite cricketer where as some fans are pleading her to click selfie anyhow with their arch rival cricketers.

Both Indian captain Virat Kohli and South African captain AB De Villiers will face each other today in a do-or die encounter, where it will be interesting to see who will break the tag “Selfie Curse’ first in the match.
  • Maksudul HAQUE, Correspondent, bdcrictime

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