CA Chairman slams ACA for reckless approach

CA Chairman slams ACA for reckless approach Amidst the never ending pay dispute between Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) and Cricket Australia (CA), ACA has strived to make contract with unofficial sponsors along with official sponsors approved by CA.

Meanwhile Cricket Australia has expressed outrageously upon the issue as CA Chairman David Peever criticized ACA’s such steps terming it as ‘reckless’ tactic to damage the issue further.

Peever, however, claimed that ACA is threatening to ‘drive away commercial sponsors’, ‘damage the prospect of broadcast partners’ and ‘lock up players intellectual property rights’ into its own business venture.

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David Peever said, “CA has put what in any normal circumstances would be regarded as a very generous offer.”

“The ACA has responded by not only rejecting that proposal (and recent concessions) out of hand, but by launching a campaign of such sustained ferocity that anyone could be forgiven for thinking CA was proposing the reintroduction of slavery rather than healthy pay rises” – he said further.

“Not content with that level of overreaction, the ACA has gone much further. Refusing to allow players to tour, threatening to drive away commercial sponsors and damage the prospects of broadcast partners, lock up player IP (intellectual property) into its own business ventures and even stage its own games.”

“It’s a reckless strategy that can only damage the game and therefore the interests of the ACA’s own members” – Peever wrote in the Australian.