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Afghanistan Cricket Board scandal, 30 officials boycotted

30 Top officials and other employees of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) boycotted with the Chairman and CEO called for resign. ACB Media Manager, Development Manager, senior adviser for Chairman and 27 other Staffs boycotted with Chairman Atif Mashal called to resign from the Post. [নিউজটি বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ সদস্যপদ পেতে না পেতেই আফগান ক্রিকেটে অস্থিরতা!]

The boycotted team expressed to media that Chairman Atif Mashal is a conservative person and want to create his own group of people in board. According to Aziz Gharwal, ACB Media manager Mashal fired some top technical official and brought his own people who don’t know what cricket is.

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Gharwal added further, “Mashal is using ACB as his campaign office for his own publicity and yet to work on Infrastructure plans which are must needed for ICC Full membership.”

Meanwhile, the 30 person delegation who boycotted with ACB expressed their concerns to ACB board members, yet to get their answer. In the meantime, the team is willing to have a press conference and show their Evidence against ACB Chairman and their irresponsible selection and Changes.

Aziz Gharwal told media that Chairman Mashal was behaving very badly with ACB Staffs and even he was warning the managers in official meeting that would fire them if not accept his thoughts. ACB Chairman and CEO both are busy with their tours and most of the time they are abroad.

Chairman Atif Mashal told media today that they are in Sri Lanka to attend the ICC meeting, but there are political problems and he is forced by top government official to not fire some staff. Mashal told VOA Radio in his interview that he will share his concerns with his team and added further that there is no place for these boycotted official in ACB.

– Nazmus Sajid Chowdhury, Contributor,

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