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Champaka comes back to look for another Mashrafe

Champaka comes back to look for another Mashrafe

Ramanayek Champaka was once the bowling coach of Bangladesh Cricket team. He played the role from 2008 to 2010 and it is mentionable that he has a quite good knowledge about the pace lineup of the tigers and the inside story of Bangladesh Cricket. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ নতুন মাশরাফির খোঁজে চম্পাকা]

Again he is back to Bangladesh but as the head bowling coach instead of the head coach. His main role is to work with the young seamers and also to instruct the senior bowlers of the national squad at times.

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This Thursday at 11 pm he landed at Dhaka Airport and came to the Mirpur stadium that afternoon. He met with the other coaching staffs and also let us know that he is here to find another Mashrafe for the furure.

About starting another campaign with the Bangldesh squad Champaka said, “Here we have so many young talent which I haven’t met before. First of all I want to meet them and know about them. Secondly, I’ll try to bring out the bowlers from all parts of the country. Cricket is the main sport here and as a result there are any rising talent for this sport. I’ll try my best to bring them up and enlighten their future.”

-Sakib Ahmed

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