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Clarke sees a lot of Aussie spirit in Virat



Even though the Australian media doesn’t write too much positive stuffs about the Indian skipper Virat Kohli, he has a lot of admirers and people who love him in Australia.

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Former Australian skipper Michael Clarke told in one of his interviews to cricbuzz that he sees a lot of Australian spirit in him.

“To be honest, he plays the game really tough and is really competitive on the field, but he is a nice guy off the field,” said Clarke.

“So when people get to know Virat, they realize that what they see on the field is just his competitive spirit. I can’t think of any Australian cricketer who wasn’t like that every time we walked out on the field. I certainly think there is respect for Virat in Australia.” he added.

Kohli has been a topic of disgrace to the Aussie media a number of times, e.g.- being pitted against a puppy, a kitten, a panda and also being nominated as ‘biggest sports jerk of the week’ by

“You probably are not going to read the positive stuff (about Virat) in the Australian media though,” said Clarke.

“They all want to write a negative story. But I have a great relation with him and I think he is respectful,” Clarke said.

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