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Family most important thing for a player: Mashrafe

Family most important thing for a player: Mashrafe
Mashrafe Bin Mortaza with his son Shahel and daughter Humayra.

Bangladesh ODI skipper Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has revealed that family is more important to him than cricket as he thinks family is the most important thing for a player. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ ক্রিকেটের চেয়েও বেশি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ পরিবারঃ মাশরাফি]

In a recent interview Mashrafe was asked how important is family for a player. “That’s the most important thing as you have to stay with your family,” Mashrafe said.

He also claimed that no one understands anyone better than their family members.
“At times even your friend may not understand what you are going through, maybe the closest of them might understand. But I think it’s family which understands you the most as you eat, sleep, the clothes you like to wear and other things that only a family can know.”

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Pointing out the importance of family in a player’s life, Mashrafe said that family members often can help an athlete to determine how long their career should be.”The family you have around you can often help determine whether your career is a long or short one,” he concluded.

– Nazmus Sajid Chowdhury, Contributor,

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