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ICC wants cricket in Olympics, but BCCI not interested

ICC wants cricket in Olympics, but BCCI not interested

International Cricket Council(ICC) is trying to get Cricket included in the Summer Olympics 2024. But their efforts are most likely to go in vain, as the most influential cricket board in the world, Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) is not too keen for cricket’s inclusion in the showpiece event. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ অলিম্পিকে ক্রিকেট চায় আইসিসি]

Cricket was last featured in the Olympics in the 1900 Paris games. Cricket fans all over the world want to see their favorite sport played in the global stage. ICC officials are also quite keen to get into the Olympic fold. But for that they need the backing of the big cricket nations, especially the BCCI. Because the International Olympic Council (IOC) has made it clear that the ICC can bid for a place in the Olympics, if only it assures the participation of the top teams. In such a scenario, ICC can’t go ahead with the bidding process without India, as India is cricket’s biggest market.

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But the BCCI officials have shown their disinterest on the proposition. A senior functionary from BCCI had this to say on the matter, “We have heard about the ICC’s Olympics initiative but most members are not keen.”

The main reason behind BCCI’s disinterest is because if cricket goes to the Olympics, BCCI might have to function under the supervision of the Indian Olympic Association, which will end BCCI’s autonomy over Indian cricket.

“We don’t know what our status will be if we lose our autonomy. In the present situation, it is absolutely undesirable,” a senior board member of the BCCI said.

There is also a certain amount of angst among the BCCI officials against ICC because of the revenue share model. So, they are taking this opportunity to get revenge on ICC.

“The BCCI has been treated very shabbily by the ICC in recent times. Now if they come to us for their own benefits, why would we comply? And we don’t even know about the financial aspect of such a big step,” the member added.

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