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Khaled Mahmud to return to Bangladesh soon

Khaled Mahmud to return to country soon Former Bangladesh national team manager and board director Khaled Mahmud Shujon will soon return to the country from Singapore after taking treatment over there. The news is informed by Jalal Yunus, Chairman of the Media Committee of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ হাসপাতাল ছাড়লেন সুজন, দেশে ফিরবেন শীঘ্রই]

He said about the condition of Khaled Mahmud, “Shujon is quite well now. He has been released from hospital and is now staying in hotel. He will soon return to the country.”

But Jalal Yunus also said that Khaled Mahmud might not be able to do his duties as a manager in the imminent series against Australia because he needs proper rest now.

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It can be noted, Khaled Mahmud Shujon was rushed into the United Hospital in Dhaka on 30th July after he suffered a sudden shock from Diabetes and high blood pressure.

He was taken under life support in intensive care unit at the United Hospital at that night and later was taken to Singapore by an air ambulance for better treatment.

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