Mushfiqur Rahim to do a PHD on sports

Bangladesh wicket-keeper Mushfiqur Rahim is one of the most educated sports-persons in the country. It is never easy for for an athlete to continue both sports and study at the same time. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ খেলাধুলার উপর পিএইচডি করছেন মুশফিক]

But Mushfiqur proved everyone wrong as the Tigers Test skipper recently has completed his Masters degree from one of the most prestigious universities of the country, Jahangirnagor University.

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However, Mushfiqur doesn’t want stop here as wants to study more. Recently in an interview he reveals that he is going to do PHD on sports very soon. “I have already started as I have a plan to do a PHD on sports and at the moment I am planning to do a PHD on South Asian cricket,” said Mushfiqur.

According to Mushfiqur, he always has been encouraged by this parents to continue study regularly beside cricket. He also talked about the importance of education for a person’s life and said

“Education is very important because it will help you become more knowledgeable. As a human being I want my next generation to look up at their parents and realize how important education is, no matter who you are. My father and mother have always encouraged me to continue that,” he concluded.

– Nazmus Sajid Chowdhury, Contributor,