Scoring 40 runs in 6 balls to win the match!

Scoring 40 runs in 6 balls to win the match!A village club in United Kingdom registered what could be termed as a most bizarre win in cricket history finishing a game in an incredible fashion.

The club team named Dorchester-on-Thames and the mind blowing performance was made by a 54 year old batsman who smashed 40 runs in the last over of the match to take his team into the unlikely win.

Steve McComb, as reported exaggerated the phenomenal batting against Swinbrook in the Division Four Oxfordshire Cricket Association match.

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For Dorchester-on-Thames, the victory became implausible when they needed 35 runs to win the match in last six deliveries. Therefore, McComb has had different mindset, smacked everything out of the park to seal the win for the team.

The over started with a no ball which McComb hit for a six and the next delivery was also gone out of the park.

The encounter turned into its most thrilling part when the bowler in charge Mihai Cucos claimed a dot ball in the next delivery leaving the equation for Dorchester on 22 runs off 4 deliveries.

The next ball was smashed for a four and there another no ball was delivered in after that which McComb also threw out of the boundary rope.

With 13 runs needed in the remaining 3 balls, McComb hit for consecutive sixes and when a single run needed in the last ball for Dorchester to win, the age old veteran went for another shot to show.

A six in the last ball! Dorchester-on-Thames’ leapt for a famous victory in the history of the game.