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Tamim survives ill-fated accident

Tamim leaves Essex due to some personal reasonsBangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal has just survived from a fatal accident when the glass door of the dressing room entirely collapsed before him and Tamim fall into the broken shreds of glass pieces. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ ড্রেসিংরুমের কাঁচ দিয়ে গুরুতর আহত তামিম]

The mishap occurred during the three day practice match in Chittagong. Tamim Iqbal lost his wicket scoring 29 runs in the match.

Walking towards the pavilion, Tamim threw his bat out of frustration; the bat hit one of the doors and when he pushed the door to enter into the dressing room, the entire glass of the door broke down.

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Tamim Iqbal lost his balance and fall right into the glass debris. Sources said the injury could have been far worse had Tamim was not in his helmets and pads.

Some broken piece of glasses cut skin of his stomach area resulting loss of blood.

Thanking Almighty for saving him from a disaster, Tamim Iqbal said, “Thanks to Allah that I got off from such a dangerous situation. The injury is nothing serious, I am just thankful since the situation could have been bad.”

“The injured area sometimes stretches the skin but it’s nothing serious,” Tamim informed.

About the occurrence, Tamim Iqbal said, “The moment I pushed on the door the glass broke entirely.”

“I fell to the ground as well and if anyone saw the state of my pads, they would know how dangerous the accident could have been,” he said.

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