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Allegation against Warne proved false

England pornstar Valerie Fox’s allegation on former Australian leg spinner Shane Warne turned out to be false. Valerie on friday, complained that Shane Warne punched her at a night club. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ ওয়ার্নের বিপক্ষে পর্ণ তারকার অভিযোগ মিথ্যা]

But the CCTV footage of the night club had no evidence and as a result it proved that the complain was false. Valerie Fox filed a complaint at the police station and also posted in her twitter account. 

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Few reports suggests that Shane Warne & Valerie Fox had a fight between them and Warne punched her after losing his temper. Then the big question was everywhere, what Shane Warne was even doing with a pornstar at a night club! After the news spread everywhere, police checked the cctv footage of the night club. 

English media are already on the neck of Warne, but the leg-spinner is still calm with what is happening around and said the story is done and dusted. He tweeted: “I am shocked after seeing the false allegations against me. I’m helping the police to investigate. They have got the chance to check the cctv footage. After the investigation, police informed me that I’m free from all allegations and they will not take any action against me. The story ends here.”

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