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Ben Stokes seen punching 15 times in a street brawl

The vice Captain of England National Cricket team Ben Stokes was seen in a street fight in Bristol. He and his team mate Alex Hales were in a night club where the brawl began. There he punched a man 15 times in a minute on the face which led his fingers broken.

In a video caught by popular newspaper The Sun, it was seen that they involved themselves in a street fight with two men. The fight started about grabbing a bottle. In the video it was seen that stokes opened punch against the man holding a bottle. Then he kept punching until that man lied down on the ground.

Then another man tried to drag Stokes away from the first man which led Stokes change the direction of punch to that man. Although Alex Hales was heard telling Stokes to stop but Stokes didn’t pay heed to Alex, as the video shows.

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A witness there reported, “I saw Stokes throw 15 punches in one minute, no wonder he broke his finger.”

A man was taken to hospital due to his facial injury last Monday at 2.30 am. And Stokes was compelled to spend night out in cell as Police arrested him. Though he was then released in bail, it’s sure that he is going to face some obligation due to law.

The footage was taken from the city of Queen’s Road and four to five people were there in the frame. People shouted, “Oi, Stokes, enough, enough”, but the fight continued until the man down. Three people in black was seen, one of them was the victim. Then another man was slapped with his left hand, as we can see in the video footage.
Avon and Somerset Police assured of investigating the case.

Watch the video here- 

— Abu Sayem Dosar

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