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Is Bangladesh the worst at slip position?

When Test Cricket and fielding, these two come together in mind, the slip position always comes first as the most crucial fielding position. When the ball swings a lot, batsman edges it to the slip and with ball turning, there is no difference. This is a common scenario in Test cricket.

The number of test matches is uncountable where half of the catches were taken in the slip position. With the red cherry swinging here to there, it is really hard for a batsman to not edge the ball.

Some of the best Test teams like England, Australia & South Africa are really good at fielding specially in slip position.

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Legends like Ricky Ponting & Graeme Smith can’t never be forgotten for their amazing catching skills at slip. It is no need to mention anymore that catches wins you matches.

There were days when Bangladesh were criticized matches after matches for their poor fielding, poor throws and giving away easy runs. It changed, it massively changed. Tigers are not a team like before, they have improved and their fielding has improved too.

But one thing still remained unchanged, that is catching at slip position.

In the ongoing test match between Bangladesh & Australia, the Tigers have already missed lot of catches especially in the slip and gully position. If the catches would have not dropped, Bangladesh would have been in the driving seat after the end of day 3 of the second and last Test.

David Warner, who scored his 20th test hundred was dropped twice, then Glen Maxwell was dropped by Mehedi Hasan at gully. But this wasn’t the end as Soumya Sarkar dropped absolutely a dolly before the end of day’s play.

The talking point is, aren’t Bangladesh well trained like the other teams on how to take catches at slip?

The question even rises more after the incident on day 3 when Soumya Sarkar missed half a chance at slip and the commentator questioned, do Bangladesh know the proper way of taking catches at slip?

Their consistent poor catching from a long long time at slip is certainly a thing to worry about. Taking catches at slip is the key to success especially when playing away from home where pitches have serious kind of swing and batsman edges to the slip quite often.

As Bangladesh started to win matches regularly at home, they will be looking forward to win at away too and for this catching at slip position will be a vital factor.

Saif Ahmed Chowdhury

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