Mishu over the moon after being picked up for BPL

In the 5th edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), five players has been named from the Under-19 and four of them will play for the first time in Bangladesh’s most popular cricket event. Among them, a boy from Noakhali Yasir Arafat Mishu has got an opportunity to play for the Chittagong Vikings. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ বিপিএলে দল পাওয়ার খুশিতে ঘুম আসেনি মিশুর!]

The young talented pacer is over the moon after hearing the news and had difficulties to sleep at night because of excitement. He said: “I did sleep at night, but lately as I was very happy. Because for the first time I got a chance in such a big tournament.”

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Mishu thought, as an Under-19 player he won’t be called in the player draft. He predicted: “I thought the Under-19 players will not be called. I felt like someone might take, someone might not. But when I was picked I felt very happy.”

After the BPL tournament, the Under-19 World Cup will begin and the right-hand seamer wants to utilize the experience from BPL.

Mishu said: “As an under-19 player, such tournament will help me in the World Cup. If I can take this experience to the World Cup, it will be very helpful for me.”

He added: “The players who will be playing the tournament will get a plus point as they will remain in a flow before the World Cup. Because before the World Cup, we have no series. After the Asia Cup, we will only have practice sessions. So this is obviously a plus point.”

After Mishu, there are four other under-19 players who will play in this year’s BPL. He is happy for his team-mates but would have been delighted more if the other players were picked up too. He said: “I am feeling good that I’m not alone. I have four other players along with me who are my team-mates and my friends too. But I would have been more happy if more players were picked.”