Shahid takes his wife back in fear of law suit

Mohammad ShahidDiscarded national team pacer Mohammad Shahid and his family members have taken his wife back in home in fear of law suit threatened by BCB Director Khaled Mahmud Shujon.

Shahid’s father and several other family members went to Farzana Akter’s paternal home in Munshiganj and returned her back in Narayanganj with their two daughters.

It has been three months since Shahid abandoned his wife and daughters. Farzana went to BCB office to complain against Mohammad Shahid and described the physical and mental torment he inflicted after giving birth of a second girl.

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According to a family source of Farzana Akter, as per the instructions of Khaled Mahmud Shujon, she went to the family court of Munshiganj on Wednesday to file a case against Shahid. All the documents of the law suit have been arranged and the case will be filed the day after that.

Farzana returned home and found her father in law along with some other relatives waiting to take her back in Narayanganj.

They requested Farzana and her family not to file the case and assured here Shahid will no longer make troubles in this regard.

Mohammad Shahid and Farzana Akter got married in 2011. His wife told to BCB officials, Shahid became a changed person after making his debut in international cricket and became addicted with other girls.