A Women’s U-19 team in India bowled out for 2 runs

This week has been a total shocker for the game of Cricket. Some incidents happened that are well beyond imagination.

On 18th November, a South Africa club Cricketer scored 490 runs in a 50-over game including 57 sixes. When everyone thought this is hard to believe, another miracle took place in India.

Nagaland U-19 Women’s team were all out just for 2 runs against Kerala in a One day league and knockout tournament at JKC College Ground on Friday. 

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The team took 17 overs just to score 2 runs and 9 players were out for duck. They lost 9 wickets without putting a run on the board, only opener scored 1 run and the other run came of a wide. Kerela needed just one ball to win the match.

Nagaland’s score was the lowest total by a side in any age-level of cricket (men or women) played under the BCCI. A kind of similar incident happened back in 2014-15 season when Raipur U-14 were all out for 6 runs.