100 ball cricket to be pitched with special ’10 ball over’

The brand new version of cricket, ‘100 Ball’ competition will launch in 2020. 

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The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), on Thursday, came out with a surprise announcement of make a partition with T20, instead adopt the new ‘100 Ball’ cricket for the eight team city based competition.

Each innings will be comprised of 15 traditional six ball overs a single 10 ball over to complete.

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With each match will be 40 balls shorter than a T20 match, ECB is hoping to have the flooding of new frame of spectators to be present in the field.

Tom Harrison, the ECB’s chief executive officer, said, “This is a fresh and exciting idea which will appeal to a younger audience and attract new fans to the game. Our game has a history of innovation and we have a duty to look for future growth for the health and sustainability of the whole game.”

The full strategy for 2020-24 will be unveiled in January 2019.

According to the official website of ECB, the playing conditions for the 100-ball cricket competition approved by the board contains three basic points.

The working title will be ‘The Hundred’; In the newly introduced format, a bowler is only allowed to ball 5 or 10 consecutive deliveries with a maximum of 20 per game.

In a traditional Test match, ODI, T20 or even T10 – the bowlers change end after the end of each over, however, in the 100-ball format, the bowlers will change the end after every 10 balls.

“The game has made huge progress this year, through collaboration, constructive debate and a volume of detailed discussion. The outcomes for all of this combined work are vital for the growth and sustainability of cricket, at all levels, in England and Wales,” said ECB Chief Executive Officer, Tom Harrison as quoted by the

Here are three basic points by the ECB on the new  100-ball cricket competition:

  1. 100 balls per side.
  2. Change of ends after every 10 balls.
  3. An individual bowler can deliver 5 or 10 consecutive balls with a maximum of 20 per game.

Along with the men’s tournament – a women’s tournament will also evolve at the same time of the competition.

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