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ODI matches to be curtailed under new point system

ODI matches to be curtailed under new point system International Cricket Council, aiming to make every win worthy for the teams, has restructured the total Test and ODI fixtures of the future tour program axing meaningless one day matches and Test cricket to proceed towards a grand finale.

Under the new league championship, series can be of two to five games and points will be allocated by a system yet to be decided.

Afterwards, in every two years the top two nations will face other in a clash to decide Test cricket’s best team, with a massive cash prize on offer.

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The changes, however, could cost a minimum number of two Test matches for any country in a calendar year.

Cricket Australia Chief Executive Officer James Sutherland said the increased context around each individual match would compensate any loss in this regard.

“I think the prestige and engagement with Test cricket will be higher if we make it more precious,” Sutherland said on Friday.

“This is a really significant moment in international cricket history. This is the first time there has been broad structure and context for international cricket.

“In their own way series between countries have their own context. But the broader context of a league and championship provides … a really strong narrative for fans.

“Every game will have context and meaning, not just for the two countries playing, but for third party countries who results could impact on,” he said.

ODI matches will also be curtailed in the process; the bilateral series could be comprised of just three matches therefore an increased number of matches would be played between nations. 1 of 1

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