Polosak becomes first woman umpire to officiate men’s game

Polosak becomes first woman umpire to officiate men's game Clair Polosak, the 29 year old woman umpire is all set to create history by becoming the first woman to officiate in Australia’s men’s top level game in Sydney.

Polosak who ruled the field in four matches of the Women’s World Cup earlier this year, have had no experience of playing cricket, will take the field with veteran umpire Paul Wilson at the Hurstville Oval in a match between South Australia and Australia XI.

Said she was determined to become an umpire despite having no practical experience of playing the game, Polosak was once officiated as a television umpire in one of the men’s domestic competitions.

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“I never played cricket, which is a little bit interesting for some people,” she told reporters in Sydney on Wednesday; “I always followed cricket, my parents got me into it and Dad would drive me up from Goulburn to do the umpires course.”

“It took a few times to pass but it was something I was determined to do and I kept working through the grades in the Sydney competition,” she added.

Meanwhile Clair Polosak has been enlisted in the panel of Cricket Australia’s development umpire for last two years.

“There’s preparation, there’s playing conditions, learning the players, having a meeting with your teammate… discuss what signals you’re going to be using, how you’re going to communicate,” Polosak added.

“Physically, it’s very similar stuff to a player, fitness, core strength, back and legs because you’re standing up on the field for seven hours,” she said. 1 of 1