Removing Mushfiqur from captaincy will be a mistake: Aminul

After a poor performance by Bangladesh in both the Tests against South Africa, Mushfiqur Rahim is set to lose his captaincy. From starting to toss to field changes and plans, Mushfiqur has made a mess in each of the sectors in this series. [নিউজটি বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ মুশফিককে সরানোর পক্ষে নন বুলবুল]

Many reports have confirmed that BCB are thinking of appointing a new Captain in Test cricket. But former Bangladesh captain Aminul Islam Bulbul thinks removing Mushfiqur from captaincy will be a mistake. 

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He thinks a player who is performing consistency with the bat and won against teams like England, Australia & Sri Lanka should not be removed judging on the basis of only one series.  

Aminul said in an interview: “After hearing Mushfiq’s words, it seemed like he is in very complicated situation. He is in immense pressure. That’s why he got carried away and mistakenly said some words. One should understand that in which situation a captain reveals the stories of dressing room in a press conference.”

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He added: “I believe a Test captain should have all the powers to control. But is that happening in Mushfiq’s case? He is Bangladesh’s greatest batsman. He is also a wicket-keeper. He has to take pressure as a captain too. For doing all three things you need to be mentally strong. The team management is giving a lot of pressure to him.”

When asked how Mushfiq made the same mistake of taking bowling first in both the matches, he said: “I don’t think the decisions were taken by Mushfiq himself. It was team management’s decision. It was very negativie thinking. It was like we know that South Africa will bat for two days, so if we bat well then we can draw the match. A Test team can’t do well with such negative approach. If Bangladesh would have bat first, then situation might have been different in both the matches.”

Aminul is completely against from removing Mushfiq as captain: “It will not be a good move to remove him from captaincy. He is a very emotional cricketer. Such sudden decision will effect his performance with the bat. If he feels captaincy is turning out to be a burden for him, then he should himself step away.” 1 of 1

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