Excited crowd torment stadium being deprived of a coveted BPL ticket

Excited crowd torment stadium being deprived of a coveted BPL ticket For the first time in the history of the Bangladesh Premier League, the tournament is fixed to start outside Dhaka. The most popular T20 competition of the country will kick off at the Sylhet International Stadium from 4th of November. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ টিকিট না পেয়ে ক্ষুব্ধ দর্শক, সিলেট স্টেডিয়ামে ভাঙচুর]

With just three days to go, the general cricket fans of Sylhet has been waiting in long queues to purchase a ticket but the scarcity of tickets has evoked violence among crowd leading to cleft stadium structure at the end.

The mishap took place on Tuesday when authorities drew selling tickets off before the allotted time in the afternoon.

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Enthusiastic people were seen standing in line from midnight. The situation deteriorated after 2 pm at noon as authorities announced that the tickets of gallery including the grand stand were sold out.

Flustered waiting crowd started throwing stones to compartments of the stadium; the window seals of the rooms of stadium authorities got shattered in the incident.

The chaotic people even incurred in fighting with Police as the security officials present in the stadium area aimed to take control of the situation. It is reported that a police officer got injured in the incident.

Sylhet will host eight first round matches including the opening match of the fifth edition of the Bangladesh Premier League. 1 of 1

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