Pietersen blocks Johnson after twitter banter

When the rivalry between England and Australia in the Ashes starts, the heat doesn’t only stay in the field, it spreads in the dressing room and as well in the cricket world.

Kevin Pietersen and Mitchell Johnson, who are not part of their respective teams in his Ashes has been involved in a twitter battle and in the end Pietersen has blocked Johnson from his twitter account. These two also had a fiery encounter back in 2014 Ashes but at the that time it was inside the field.

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Johnson took a dig at Micheal Vaughn and Kevin Pietersen who are part of the commentary panel for the Ashes and from that their battle began.

Johnson said: “Hey @KP24 @MichealVaughm yesterday were carrying on about the pommy fast bowlers being able to bowl in the 140’s. Ever since they have taken the second new ball they have been bowling medium pace. They are allowed to bend their backs and there’s 4 of them.”

After seeing the tweet, Pietersen reacted angrily and tweeted back: “Mitchell, is this you or your management tweeting? If its you, you not helping yourself! If its your management, ask them to stop or sack them!”

But after then Johnson didn’t stop and continued the banter by giving a screenshot of him being blocked by Pietersen from the Twitter.

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