I am a big fan of Ashraful bhai: Al-Amin

The dream of becoming a cricketer started after seeing Marshall Ayub. Then the interest of turning the dream turn into reality started after seeing Mohammad Ashraful’s heroic innings against Australia in 2005. [বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ আশরাফুলকে দেখে ক্রিকেটে আগ্রহ আল-আমিনের]

We are talking about the 24-year all-rounder Al-Amin jnr who played for Chittagong Vikings in 2017’s Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). In a recent interview with country’s online new portal Priyo, Al-Amin talked about his childhood memories and also about the story of how cricket game to his life.

He said: “Marshall Ayub bhai lives in the same area where I live. In my childhood, I used to see him going to practice with his bag. I used to see him in newspaper frequently. Then my interest grew for playing cricket.”

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Al-Amin is also a big fan of Mohammad Ashraful: “Apart from that, I am also a big fan of Ashraful bhai. After seeing him, my interest grew. Then I started to play to make my dream of becoming a cricketer turn into reality.”

The 24-year old all-rounder later said his story of how all the family members started to support him: “When at first you will start to do something, you will see you won’t get support from your family. They think otherwise. My situation was also same. My parents didn’t support me. But my brother used to convince my parents. He used to say if I play then I might can do something well in the future.”

Al-Amin added: “When I had my final match in U-13 school cricket, it was said from the school before the match that parents can come to watch the match. Then I took my brother along with me. Before that, no one from my family saw me playing. After my brother saw me play, he said after coming home “He plays very well. If he continues then he can surely do something good”. Then slowly all my family members started to support me.” 


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