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We want to go to World Cup qualifier with a strong message: Raza

Zimbabwe’s win over Sri Lanka in the second match of the tri-nation wasn’t a surprising one as it was their fourth win in last six matches against them. Zimbabwe batsman Sikandar Raza has played a crucial role in most of the matches and as well as today.

The batsman scored 81 runs off just 61 balls which boosted Zimbabwe to a huge score of 290 runs and that was enough for them to secure a thrilling win against the Lions. The hero of the match Raza believes that the team is getting rewarded for the consistency in their selection policy.

Raza in the press conference: “I think consistency in selection definitely helped. I think we have gone with the same squad for a lot of series and that is certainly showing up. When I have a guy next to me in the change room for a longer period of time, it gives you that extra confidence. You can call what the shots the batsman are going to be playing, this is the trust we have among ourselves.”

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“This team is a band of brothers and we have been playing together for a long time. We back each other regardless of the situation. We back each other to defend 120.”

Raza added: “Secret behind it is the trust, character, faith among ourselves. We are determined to go into the World Cup qualifiers with a strong message we want to send out to all the teams. I thought we had a fantastic year and a half; we underperformed in SA as well; we could have done a lot better. It was a wake-up call that we needed, so we wanted to show some grittiness here. We wanted to play positive cricket.” 1 of 1

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