CT 2021 could move away from India

India could lose out on hosting two big ODI events – 2021 Champions Trophy and 2023 World Cup – due to tax issues with Indian government. International Cricket Council (ICC) is searching for alternative hosts for the next Champions Trophy. [২০২১ চ্যাম্পিয়ন্স ট্রফি, ২০২৩ বিশ্বকাপ ভারত থেকে সরে যাচ্ছে!] 

CT 2021 could move away from India

ICC lost $20-30 million from the last event in India (World T20 2016), for which tax exemption has not yet been approved. It is learnt that Star India gave 10% tax to the Indian government and recovered by not deducting the payment to ICC.

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If the problem is not solved, then ICC are in danger of losing $100-125 million in 2021 Champions Trophy and 2023 World Cup.

ICC share their revenues to all full-member nations from ICC events. So, full-member nations will also be hit on this issue.

“The Board expressed their concern around the absence of a tax exemption from the Indian Government for ICC events held in India despite ongoing efforts from both the ICC and BCCI to secure the exemption which is standard practice for major sporting events around the world,” ICC said in a release.

Meanwhile, ICC are searching for a host for 2021 CT which is similar to Indian time zone. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka come to consideration then.

“The Board agreed that ICC management, supported by the BCCI will continue the dialogue with the Indian Government but in the meantime directed ICC management to explore alternative host countries in a similar time zone for the ICC Champions Trophy 2021.”

An official decision will come by the end of 2019. India previously hosted Champions Trophy in 2006. Bangladesh hosted the first ever Champions Trophy (ICC Knockouts then).


-Ruffin, Correspondent, 1 of 1

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