‘A cancer from within’: Smith exposes problems in CSA

Former South African skipper and Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Director of Cricket Graeme Smith said that “internal agendas” within the country’s cricket governing body has been a ‘cancer’. Smith also feels that the previously created problem has affected it for a while.

“I think it’s been a cancer from within the organisation for a while and it’s not getting any better,” he was quoted as saying by News24.

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“You try and sit and work out who in senior positions in this organisation is doing this, and why? What is the end goal? Is it serving cricket? It’s quite clearly someone in a high-profile position, whether it is in the business part or the board part, because some of the stuff being leaked can only be from those parties within the organisation and that’s disappointing.

“It doesn’t help cricket, it doesn’t help us build relations, it doesn’t help us put our right foot forward. We’re an organisation that spends all our time talking about these other things instead of the game of cricket.

“It certainly does feel that there are people within these positions that have ulterior motives.”

When there was turmoil within the board and that was coupled with a downturn in performances of the men’s cricket team Smith joined CSA the directior. He has however been the subject of criticism for the process of his former team mate Mark Boucher as full-time coach of the Proteas and as well as appointment process of himself.

A group of 40 former black players and coaches that met with the board to discuss issues over support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, among others were dissapointed that Smith was not present at the meeting, CSA said in a recent statement.

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