A fan celebrates “his God” Virat Kohli’s Birthday

Bipin Dani

Pintu Behera, a 40-year-old civil contractor in Behrampur (Odisa) has his birthday on 15th June but cuts birthday cake on 5th November every year. The reason: “It is Virat Kohli’s birthday today and I never forget to celebrate my God’s birthday”, he said over telephone from his native.

Virat Kohli's fan made cake to celebrate Virat Kohli's birthday
Virat Kohli’s die hard fan Pintu Behera made this cake to celebrate Virat’s 31st birthday

“Since 2012 I have been following Virat’s career and have remembered all his records. He is my idol and I consider him as my God”.

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Not only that, Pintu has tattooed Virat’s photographs and all his major records on his upper body parts.

“Once I saw a Raveena Tandom fan having tattoed-Ravina, I love you, and it inspired me to have same for Virat on my body”.

Virat Kohli's fan painted his body with Tattoo

“I always wear full shirts and my wife was surprised when one night she saw Virat’s tattoo on my chest”.

“Yes, my wife did not like it initially but now she has accepted the fact and my love for Kohli”, he further added.

Pintu has met Kohli once. “It was during Vishakhapatnam match when I met Kohli. I removed my shirt and he was astonished to see his own tattoos on all my upper body parts. He looked at all and I became speechless”.

Apparently, Kohli, who is resting for the T-20 matches against Bangladesh, is in Bhutan with his wife-Anushka for his birthday celebration but his cake will also be tasted by Pintu’s family and friends in Behrampur.

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