Aakash Chopra includes Rohit, Babar in ‘Fab Four’ list, drops Smith,Root

The best four cricketers in the current world known as the ‘Fab Four’. They are India’s Virat Kohli, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson, England’s Joe Root and Australia’s Steve Smith.

Aakash Chopra includes Rohit, Babar in 'Fab Four' list, drops Smith,Root

Former India cricketer and popular commentator Aakash Chopra feels the time has come to change that list. According to him, Pakistan’s Babar Azam must be placed on this elite list.

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Akash analyzed ‘Fabulous Four’ in his regular show on his popular YouTube channel on Saturday. “I will put Babar on this list,” he said. “He is competing with Kohli. Number one in the International T20 batting rankings. Number three in ICC ODI batting rankings. And fifth in the Test. Observing his performance in three formats, Babar is now one of the top four cricketers in the world.”

Chopra wants to keep India opener Rohit Sharma in the top four in recent cricket. He said, “Since the beginning of his career, Rohit has been eye-catching in both ODIs and T20Is. He is on the list of top in these two formats. He has been doing well in recent times. Naturally, Rohit will be in the Fabulous Four.”

Who will drop out of the top four if Babur-Rohit enters or is included? This question is answered by the popular commentator of the world. He said,

“Root and Smith would be excluded in this case. Because in one format (Test) they are great performers. In the other two formats, they are not as consistent in that way.”

However, Akash puts Kohli and Williamson on the ‘Fab Four’ list. He wants to keep them there for their natural and skillful batting. In that case, his ‘Fabulous Four’ list would be – Kohli, Williamson, Babar and Rohit. The 42-year-old cricketer commented that it was time to do so.

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