Abdur Razzak describes the incident comparing to a ‘hollywood movie’

Abdur Razzak describes the incident comparing to a 'hollywood'

Bangladesh cricketer Abdur Razzak and his family have been victim of a road accident on Tuesday. The incident was so dangerous that the Abdur Razzak himself described that comparing to a Hollywood movie. [নিউজটি  বাংলায় পড়ুনঃ হলিউড সিনেমাকেও হার মানায় : রাজ্জাক]

One of the cousins of Abdur Razzak said, “How can I explain brother. It can’t be described in words unless you had seen the incident. Raz got injured in his eyes. Their were not much injury other than that.”

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He further added, “The car has been destroyed completely. By the grace of almighty Allah everyone who was in the car is safe now. Raz bhai says, it was nothing less than a Hollywood movie scene.”

A car was infront of their car’s in the road and the people who were in that car suddenly noticed there is no car behind which had been there for a long time. As soon as they noticed that, they called for people to save Abdur Razzak and his family. “Had the people who were in that car not noticed, it would have been very dangerous,” added Firoz.

However, the good news is Abdur Razzak and his family members including the two-year old baby boy, are now out danger.

– Nazmus Sajid Chowdhury, Contributor,

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