Afridi wants to get rid of social media

Shahid Afridi himself confirmed a few days ago that he’s infected with coronavirus. After that, the cricket world started moving. Former and current cricketers have prayed for blessings and speedy recovery. But some rumours also spread about him.

Afridi wants to get rid of social media

Rumours have been circulating on social media since Afridi fell ill that the 40-year-old former all-rounder’s health is deteriorating little by little every day. A few days ago, his brother Tariq Afridi, however, said that Shahid Afridi is fine. He asked for blessings from everyone. Every day he has become better little by little.

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But rumours of the former Pakistan captain’s physical degradation have not stopped. Afridi’s comment was published by ‘The News’ about this rumour,

“Allah sub ko social media say bachai (God save everyone from social media). I don’t know how such rumours spread. I’m getting hundreds of calls and messages from concerned well-wishers from all over the world. To all of them my message is that I’m recovering from Covid-19 and am already looking forward to returning to my social work.”

Afridi has helped distressed people in remote areas of Pakistan since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Although he was highly praised for this, Tariq Afridi said that his brother had contracted coronavirus while trying to help people.

The former cricketer commented, “Apart from the pain and inconvenience it caused me, the worst thing about the (Covid-19) infection is that it has halted my role in the campaign to help my needy countrymen in these tough times. That’s why I’m hoping to regaining my strength and returning to the social work.”

Afridi also spoke about the symptoms of coronavirus, “It happened suddenly. One day I was fine and the next I was really down. I had fever. My head hurt. I had difficulty breathing. I couldn’t sleep. There was no body pain but it seemed there was no strength left in it. But thankfully a combination of rest, steam and ginger tea has helped me get better. Insha-Allah, I’ll be back in action soon.”

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