AIR instrumental in taking cricket to villages and kitchens

Bipin Dani

Indian cricket board’s partnership with the AIR (All India Radio) to provide live radio commentary to enhance the coverage of the game is being welcomed by the renowned cricket commentators. 

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“The decision to broadcast cricket over Radio has sent a message loud and clear that Radio, the poor cousin of TV still remains a mass media. It is a far-reaching step to promote and popularize the game through the length and the breadth of the country”, Ravi Chaturvedi, the popular Hindi commentator, now holidaying in West Indies, said.

“It is indeed a heartening news that All India Radio (AIR) is going to cover cricket from the forthcoming India South Africa series. It will be widely welcomed across the country by the major section of the community”.

“My childhood was spent listening to cricket commentary on radio, till in early 1960, I found myself in the commentary box. The nostalgia of reaching any available transistor set to know the latest score will be revived. It was the most sought-after craving. It has added another avenue of enjoyment for people at large even at their small work places”, who has been doing commentary for radio 360, added.

“Let us understand that the power of radio is not that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each”, the veteran commentator and

the writer of his recent book on cricket commentary added.

Another commentator, Sushil Doshi said, “AIR was instrumental in taking cricket to villages and kitchens. Good senses prevailed and importance recognized.

“Radio ‘s reach even today is greater than TV. has its own charm. Radio is more popular even in England and USA. Same old era may not come but radio commentary will definitely be competitive”, he signed off.


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