Akanksha drops domestic violence case against Yuvraj Singh

Former Indian star cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s domestic violence disaster in which his brother’s former wife Akanksha Sharma had accused him and his family of domestic violence has eventually come to an end after she withdrew the case and apologised for the same.

Akanksha drops domestic violence case against Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj’s family described it was proud of him and he can finally breath a sigh of relief now.

Yuvraj Singh has finally been stated as ‘innocent’ in the domestic violence case filed against him by his brother’s wife Akanksha Sharma. She and Zoravar Singh had been married for only four months when she filed the case against the two brothers and their mother Shabnam Singh for committing illegal behaviours against her.

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The case was also settled earlier this month after the pair’s divorce was finalized, with Akanksha writing an apology letter in which she had admitted to her allegations being completely ‘false’.

“Finding no other way to escape the process of law against her, Ms. Akanksha Sharma has apologised and admitted all her allegations to be false and incorrect and withdrawn the same,” the family mentioned, as reported by the news website Indian Express.

The case had also been registered almost 2 years ago in October, 2017 in a court in Gurugram.

“The only perspective that we wish to put forth is that we were vulnerable targets as one of the family members i.e. Yuvraj Singh was, and is adored and loved by millions,” the family added.

The family also claimed that the case was filed for ‘malafide’ reasons and never had any evidence to back the claims.

“His great reputation was put at stake for personal malafide reasons in the most unfair manner in the hope of gaining some kind of advantage which was not otherwise due.

We can only feel proud of Yuvraj Singh yet again, who has always decided to fight back with unshakable faith in God and the judiciary of this great country,” they signed off.

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