Akbar Ali is more talented than me: Mushfiqur

Akbar Ali is a new sensation in Bangladesh cricket. Winning the Under-19 World Cup is the biggest achievement in Bangladesh cricket history so far. It’s Akbar under whom Bangladesh writes their name in the history for the first time.

Akbar Ali is more talented than me: Mushfiqur

Bangladesh was unbeaten champion in the last Under-19 World Cup. In the final it was mighty India they fought against. And he was the man in the frontline to snatch the trophy for Bangladesh.

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Akbar has given his world cup memorabilia for auction recently. He decided to spend the money to mitigate the basic needs of needy people that will come from the auction. Amid the auction ceremony Akbar along with Bangladesh former test skipper Mushfiqur Rahim, Inaugurated the auction ceremony under sports for life Facebook live. Mushfiqur also provided his double hundred bat for the auction.

While discussing the auction these two discussed about various aspects of cricket and cricketers. Wicket-keeper batsman Mushfiqur adored Akbar a lot. Although Akbar and Mushfiqur both are wicket-keeper batsman but Mushfiqur thinks that Akbar is much better and gifted than Mushfiqur himself.

Admiring Akbar’s talent Mushfiq says,

“I was not talented like Akbar, the place he belongs now. I was very charmed watching him to play. At that time a game of our National League was going on in Sylhet. I saw a match ball by ball after the game.”

Mushfiqur praises the gentle approach of that final innings. The way he batted has impressed everyone including Mushfiqur.

“What he played in the final match under immense pressure is absolutely gorgeous. Whatever Akbar claims but the truth is with bat he is a class batsman and at the time of captaincy he is completely different. After watching his firm batting I was hoping that this man can do this. He was batting like a silent killer and ignored what was happening in the other side.”

During the final match, Bangladesh was ruining the whole match by losing constant wicket at one point. Although there were many overs to play but only few wickets to resist. At that time Akbar was batting superbly. There was a pressure of losing wickets at one end but at the other end Akbar managed to score boundaries at regular rhythm. Mushfiqur wanted to know how he managed to play superbly under that pressure.

Akbar replied that, “After fall of four early wickets, they brought all the fielders within 30 yards. There was hardly a scope for single. I was waiting for a perfect ball to hit it in the boundary. I knew that if I can manage boundaries they will remove these close attach. And I played as I planned.” 

Akbar Ali scored an unbeaten 43 runs in the final match and managed to win the World Cup for Bangladesh.

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