Akbar wants to win the title with Chottogram

He is ready to give his all to make Challengers the champion.

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Maksud Haque

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Akbar Ali, the World Cup winning captain of Bangladesh U-19 team is going to play in franchise cricket for the first time. He will play for Chattogram Challengers in the eighth edition of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).
Akbar wants to win the title with Chottogram.
Cricketers like Akbar will be in charge of this youth team and he himself knows that. So this is not his first personal goal. This cricketer, who got stardom at a young age, wants Chattogram Challengers to have confidence in him to win the BPL title.
Akbar told Bdcrictime, "I don't set any personal goals before any tournament. The goal will be to make the team a champion. ''
Akbar is ready to give his all to make Challengers the champion. He said, "I will try my best to become a champion. I will hardly get time for BPL. I will try to be fully prepared in the number of practice sessions I get." 
"This is the first time I am playing BPL. Of course, we will try to do our best.''
It would not be wrong to call the Chattogram team a group of young cricketers. There are four members of the Youth World Cup winning team in the team. Apart from Akbar, the others are Shoriful Islam, Shamim Patwary and Mrittunjoy Chowdhury. Everyone has gained a reputation in their own place, has taken a position in the country's cricket.
Akbar believes that the four former teammates will have a good time under one roof again. He said, "I have a lot of fun off the field when we're all together. Try to enjoy the game with extra pressure as always. We will try to play the way we used to. Since they are Patu, Mrittunjoy, Shoriful, I will definitely try to do something good for Chattogram.''
"The BPL is definitely a much bigger platform. We can repay the trust that the management has placed in our team, ”he said.