Aleem Dar’s restaurant to offer free food to unemployed and poor people

Aleem Dar's restaurant to offer free food to unemployed and poor people

Whole world is trembling with coronavirus fear. The working people are most at stake because working places of being shut down. Lockdown is underway in most countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Pakistan is no exception. Transparent people are raising their hand to help in a crisis. Aleem Dar, a Pakistani umpire in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Elite Panel, has a restaurant in Lahore named Dar’s Delighto. He has taken initiative to provide free food to the unemployed people, especially the poor.

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Alim Dar, who has experience managing 346 international matches, expressed sympathy for the working people in a video chat.

“It’s a really challenging time, especially for the poorer people in our society,” he said.

“We are delivering free food for the unemployed and needy people outside our restaurant from 2pm to 3pm.”

Aleem Dar added, ‘At this critical moment, we should all come forward. Which should help as much as possible. In a concerted effort, we can deal with coronavirus and this catastrophe.”

Earlier, Pakistani cricketers also donated 50 lakh Pakistani rupees (about Tk 27 lakh in Bangladeshi currency) to fight coronavirus in their home country. Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has delivered soap and food to over 2,000 people on behalf of his ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’.

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