Alternate methods be made by umpires to hold bowler’s belongings: Daryl Harper

Umpires at the bowler’s end have traditionally held whatever the bowler has requested, including hats, caps, jumpers and sunglasses. Once cricket is permitted again after the current pandemic, alternate arrangements will be necessary, according to the former ICC Elite Panel umpire Daryl Harper.

Alternate methods be made by umpires to hold bowler's belongings: Daryl Harper

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Australia, he said, “Umpires may provide hanging space for jumpers and hats on their backs using a small bag supported around the waist. Perhaps the wicket-keeper will place any items on the ground behind his regular position where the spare fielder’s helmet is currently located. A playing condition could be applied to allow for the same penalty to be awarded when a live ball strikes the new object.”

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“Umpires around the world will be cautious about handling any ‘foreign’ objects. It is only natural. Many umpires belong to the older age demographic so great care and consideration will be necessary to safeguard especially the older generation.”

“Rather than an umpire refusing to hold a jumper or hat, I prefer to imagine that alternate arrangements will be planned before the restart. The best relationship between players and officials is achieved by mutual respect,” he added.

“There is also the space outside the field of play where a bowler fielding near the boundary can leave his equipment, without any delay.”

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