Anderson dismisses retirement rumors

Veteran England pacer James Anderson has dismissed rumors that English fast bowler will retire from Test cricket. The 36-year-old cricketer said he was still hungry to play Tests. James Anderson was pale in the first Test of the series against Pakistan. He bowled 26 overs in two innings and scored 97 runs. Babar Azam was the only wicket.

Anderson dismisses retirement rumors

James Anderson returned to the field after a long break due to coronavirus and played six innings. His six wickets in six innings. The pacer was empty handed in three innings. Such a performance is not at all compatible with Anderson. He passed away a few days ago at the age of 39. All in all, many thought Anderson was going to end his career.

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However, that idea is completely wrong. But he admits that his performance in Manchester is disappointing. He has confessed that it has been a frustrating week for him personally and he couldn’t bowl very well and wasn’t in rhythm.

”It’s been a frustrating week for me personally just because I’ve not bowled very well, felt out of rhythm and for the first time in probably 10 years I got a little emotional on the field, started getting frustrated, let that get to me a little bit. It reminded me of when I started playing, when you get angry you start trying to bowl quicker and quicker and obviously that doesn’t help” he said.

He doesn’t think he bowled too badly against Pakistan. The situation of the match or the burden of expectations – for some reason he was feeling the pressure and could not handle it well – he thought.

“Having the attitude of trying to work hard in practice, keep improving and play well in the actual game itself – that’s what I’ve always tried to do and that doesn’t change this week, or in the next year, or the next three years, or whatever it may be.

“Something I’ve done really well throughout my career is deal with the pressure of playing; whether that’s the pressure of expectation or the match situation. This week I probably didn’t deal with it very well.

“I need to go away and personally work on that and make sure that if I do play in the next game, the Test after that or in the winter, I am ready to cope with that. It’s about focusing on the game situation for me. The moment you start thinking about the whispers, it can affect you.”

James Anderson has taken 590 wickets in 154 Tests for England. He has taken five wickets in an innings 26 times in his career. He is the fourth highest wicket-taker in Test history and the highest in England. He is the first England bowler to touch 600 wickets in a Test. Of course, he is not too worried about this milestone.“The frustration for me has been, after one bad game, the whispers that go around. I don’t think that’s really fair,” he said.

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